Things to Know Before Laser Tattoo Removal

  • June 24, 2015

Sometimes, in my line of work, I see something that really upsets me. It’s usually around clinics that misuse their lasers and injure a client. The latest episode is a picture that a client showed me of his arm immediately after Laser Tattoo Removal from another clinic. The arm was a bloody mess and terribly painful.

Unhealthy Discounts

One of my pet peeves is all of the discount coupons in the marketplace about "Discount Laser Treatments”. Getting a great deal on Laser Tattoo Removal is awesome, however how can you be sure that the person that’s firing a laser directly on your skin is qualified? What training has the person that’s going to fire the laser had? Do they understand your skin type?

Miss-firing a laser on a client, whether for Laser Hair Removal or Laser Tattoo Removal can lead to burns and scarring. A great deal isn’t so great if it leaves you permanently scarred from your experience. A bad tattoo can be erased, however Laser Tattoo Removal usually ends up costing more than the tattoo itself, takes longer to remove and scarring due to a bad removal treatment can require further treatments (and expense) to remove the scar. Rather than spending more time and more money undoing a bad treatment, isn’t it better to get it done right the first time?

That’s why I’ve come up with this list of things to look for and ask about when you’re at a clinic for a Laser Treatment. If you’re regretting your Tattoo, please read through this list so you know what to expect.

  • We recommend that you check out three different clinics before deciding where you’ll get your treatment.  Make sure the clinics are familiar with the Washington state law and abide by all the required regulations.
  • Make sure a Physician, Physician’s Assistant (PA) or Advance Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) conduct your consultation. Medical personnel are the only ones allowed to do a consultation in Washington state.
  • Know what to expect with Laser Tattoo Removal, this isn’t a guaranteed treatment. When speaking with a Laser Tattoo expert ask them if they think the tattoo can be removed completely. Sometimes a tattoo will fade partially and leave a ghost image.
  • One treatment to remove a tattoo won’t be enough. Total removal of a tattoo depends on the color of the ink, how old the tattoo is and how the artist put the ink in. The success of removing it depends on whether or not it was done by a professional or a novice, how old it is and what color inks were used. Normally, a technician won’t be able to tell how many treatments it will take to remove a tattoo until after a treatment. Then they will be able to see how the ink is breaking up and give you some kind of idea. Avoid clinics who know how many treatments it will take by just visually looking at the tattoo.
  • Other questions to ask during your consultation are what kind of training and experience does the esthetician have who will be performing your treatment. The state of Washington requires that any esthetician working with lasers must be a Master Esthetician.
  • Find out how far apart your treatments will be spaced. Normal time between appointments is 6 weeks in order to avoid textual changes to your skin.
  • I’m not trying to scare you – Laser Tattoo Removal is generally safe when performed by an educated and qualified Esthetician however each individual’s health, skin and tattoos are different, so it’s important to ask lots of questions! Be sure to ask for before and after pictures from other clients with similar skin types and tattoos. This will help you set realistic expectations of your Laser Tattoo Removal treatments.
  •  It should go without saying however – check the treatment room. Laser Tattoo Removal is a MEDICAL TREATMENT and the treatment room should be clean. They should use paper drapes, disposable pillowcases and the Esthetician performing the treatment should wear gloves.
  • A new law in Washington state states that any topical numbing cream requires a prescription, and the doctor performing the consultation can call in a prescription for you. At Caddell’s Laser Clinic, we can keep your numbing cream on hand for you. It is locked in our safe and will only be used by you.
Post Treatment
  • After your treatment, there are a few things you might experience - blisters, swelling, raising of the tattoo, pinpoint bleeding, redness and /or temporary darkening. You should never see punch marks in the skin and you should never bleed. Pinpoint bleeding is expected, it means the settings on the laser were set high enough to damage the ink beneath the skin, but you should never bleed, which indicates that the settings were too high or the Esthetician went over the area too many times. These symptoms should disappear within one to two weeks. What you should see is a white frosting over the surface of the tattoo. This is moisture from your skin rising to the surface.
  • Another reason to make sure you only trust a knowledgeable and trusted technician to perform Laser Tattoo Removal on you is the side effects. Scars, infection, burns and textural changes to your skin are a potential risk.
  • The most important to consider when choosing a clinic to remove your tattoo is who do you trust to remove your tattoo? Caddell’s Laser Clinic has been in business since 1982 – we are experts at Laser Tattoo Removal and have been removing tattoos since 2002.  We work with all types of clientele and provide a comfortable, non-judgmental and caring experience for our clients. We are trusted by Tattoo Artist who recommend us to their clients.  We sincerely hope that we are one of the three clinics that you visit, and ultimately choose, when you are gathering the facts for your Tattoo Removal procedure.

Laser tattoo removal has the ability to change your life for the better. You have the opportunity to remove a tattoo that doesn’t reflect your level of maturity. Or the tattoo may become too old and dated for your current lifestyle. Whatever the reason for wanting to remove or cover a tattoo, make sure you make a smart choice when you choose who will remove it. Don’t let a cheap price for the treatment dictate who you choose to remove it – make a safe choice and choose a safe and responsible clinic, like Caddell’s Laser Clinic.  

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