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Hi Debbie!

I've been meaning to check in with you. My face looks fantastic, and people are noticing! The crow's feet and laugh lines are so much fewer, and the ones that are there are much shallower. Yay! My pores are much smaller, my face feels much smoother, and I am absolutely thrilled.


While I just recently started my tattoo removal process, I am fully confident and comfortable with Debbie Caddell's professionalism, empathy and abilities. Having a not so great tattoo experience led me to seek laser removal, and I am so happy Debbie is helping me remove my mistake!


I went to a cheaper clinic that caused lots of pain and gave no results. They didn't make you feel comfortable - more like being at a McDonalds version of laser. My technician at Caddell's made me feel comfortable and always did a great job!


My advice to anyone who is talking about vaginal aging is to start NOW! Don't wait. I used to get up 4-5 times a night. It's gotten a lot better. My pH is exactly what it's supposed to be. Dryness went back to normal right away. I love the Femtouch laser treatment.