Laser Tattoo Removal at Caddell's 

Laser Tattoo Removal at Caddell's Laser & Electrolysis Clinic

When it comes to laser tattoo removal, experience counts. Caddell's has been providing laser tattoo removal since 2002 and have many satisfied clients. Tattoo artists trust Caddell’s to provide exceptional service, with better results than other clinics because our highly qualified staff knows the capabilities of each laser they can use to remove a tattoo. Caddell's has a variety of lasers to use on tattoos to ensure a successful outcome.

Caddell's uses the most current and up to date lasers on the market. We replace and update our lasers as needed. To view a current list of the lasers at Caddell's visit our Lasers Page

We understand that the laser tattoo removal process can cause anxiety and fear in many people. We work with all types of clientele and provide a comfortable, non-judgemental, and caring experience for those seeking to remove their tattoos or lighten them for a cover up. 

Caddell’s Laser Clinic offers a numbing cream if desired to reduce the level of pain from the laser, and many clients express relief after their first session: " wasn't that bad at all!"  Many are starting new lives or have tattoos that no longer represent who they are. Others want new tattoos or covers, and laser can significantly help in the transition process so that the new art has a better place to stand out. 

Tattoo removal has been performed with various tools since the start of tattooing. While tattoos are considered permanent, it's most common to remove them with lasers.

Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments has been offered at Caddell's Laser Clinic since 2002.

Before & After Tattoo Removal

Before & After Tattoo Removal

Before & After Tattoo Removal

Before & After 4 Removal Treatments

Before & After 6 Tattoo Removal Treatments

Before & After 6 Treatments. Shadows will disappear. 

Before & After 1 Treatment

Caddell's works with many tattoo artists in Pacific NW, and over the years have gained their confidence and trust as a reliable provider to help them with their clients needs.

When it comes to laser tattoo removal Caddell's Laser Clinic is the place to rely on! 

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Benefits of Laser Tattoo Removal
During laser tattoo removal, the laser is used to selectively target and destroy the tattoo with no damage to the surrounding tissue, which greatly decreases scarring. Because of the different wavelengths, pulse duration and how laser beams are absorbed by different colors, the esthetician can choose the precise combination of lasers for the depth and color of a particular tattoo. The average session takes about 10-30 minutes.

Tattoo Removal Procedure


Before beginning Laser Tattoo Removal, make sure that you don't have a tan or a spray tan. The laser is attracted  to color, and we want all of the energy to go to attacking the ink.


During Laser Tattoo Removal you'll feel intense emissions of light penetrate the tattooed area. You'll hear noise as the laser does its work, both from the machine itself and from the fans that operate continuously. The laser is attracted to the  tattoo ink, and it shatters the ink into tiny crystals. The tattoo will then form a scab, and a lot of ink will come off with the scab. Some ink will also be absorbed into the lymphatic system.


To prevent infection, it is very important to keep the tattoo covered and coated with an antibiotic for approximately 3 days after the treatment. It is normal for the tattoo to get pin point bleeding and then light scabs, and blisters are normal for colored ink. Be sure to review the post care form or call your esthetician if you have any questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Tattoo Removal

How Many Treatments Does it Take?

We cannot predict how many treatments will be needed to remove your tattoo.  There are several variables that determine how many treatments it takes.  The brand of ink is very important. Some inks lift very quickly while other inks are very resistant.  The older the tattoo, the easier it is to lift.  Shading comes out much faster than linework. Tribal tattoos are the most difficult to remove.

Is the Procedure Painful?

You should expect pain during the treatment. This is most often described as a the feeling of hot bacon grease spattered on your skin.  A numbing cream applied to the skin can be used to minimize pain.

How Much Does it Cost?

Getting a tattoo removed is much more expensive than having one put on. The cost for Laser Tattoo Removal at Caddell's is based on the size of the tattoo: $350 for a treatment to remove a tattoo the size of an average human fist, including bandaging time. The treatment cost is reduced $25 every two treatments. Medical insurance generally doesn't pay for tattoo removal, since it is considered aesthetic or cosmetic in nature.

What should I expect after the procedure?

The area may be red, as if mildly sunburned, for a couple of days. The area may be treated with an antibiotic ointment and a bandage applied.
People heal from tattoo removal or lightening one of three ways:

1. They experience flaky skin (most common).
2. Blisters may form on larger tattoo removals.
3. No visible response.
Recovery times depend on the extent of the treatment and the individual's capacity to heal. Redness and sensitivity may continue for several days. You should avoid exposing the treated area to the sun, as this may retard healing.


While I just recently started my tattoo removal process, I am fully confident and comfortable with Debbie Caddell’s professionalism, empathy and abilities. Having a not so great tattoo experience led me to seek laser removal, and I am so happy Debbie is the one performing the procedure. Getting tattoos removed by laser doesn’t go without pain, but Debbie makes each session a little easier with her consideration and understanding of the clients’ needs and wants. Not only is she friendly and professional, but she also is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her work. She answers my questions fully and also provides additional information that makes me feel far more content with the process. I would recommend Debbie and her staff to all who are seeking these specific services. They will make a possibly frightening experience into a positive one. 

- ER