Tattoo Removal or Tattoo Lightening

  • February 6, 2013

Tattoos are common place in today’s society – you’ll see anything from one designer tattoo to a full sleeve or an entire body covered in ink. And while we’ve relaxed our thoughts regarding tattoos, the methods of applying ink hasn’t changed too much.

Most of the time the results are exactly what you wanted and you’re pleased, but occasionally the tattoo isn’t what it was supposed to look like. And there’s always the case of the former girl or boyfriend’s name etched permanently somewhere and it has to go.

The technicians at Caddell’s Laser Clinic have the tools and the expertise to remove or lighten a tattoo or even a PORTION of a tattoo and provide you with outstanding results.

If you need to remove a tattoo for a new job, if you’re just tired of a tattoo, or if it’s not part of your lifestyle any longer then you’ll need to consider tattoo removal. With tattoo removal, we first do a consultation and usually can establish an accurate timeline on how many treatments it will take to remove the tattoo.  At Caddell’s we aren’t just limited to one laser for tattoo removal, we can use different lasers for different colors of ink and often combine these lasers for the best results. Our lasers emit a pure laser beam, making the treatment more effective and making you need fewer treatments to achieve the desired look. You can view tattoo before and after photos on our website.

If you’re looking to lighten the tattoo for a replacement tattoo and the artist you’re working with thinks lightening the tattoo first will work better then we’re the clinic to use! We work with tattoo artists from Vancouver BC to Vancouver WA, helping their clients lighten an old unwanted tattoo for a cover up. Lightening a tattoo takes fewer treatments and is less expensive than a complete removal. You can view tattoo lightening before and after photos on our website.

We can also remove part of a tattoo, either permanently or lightening it for a cover up. With the quality of our lasers we are able to remove a portion of a highly detailed tattoo while leaving other areas untouched.

You don’t need to be stuck with ink that either isn’t right any longer or that needs to beCover Up Complete removed. Now you can trust Caddell’s to help you lighten or remove the tattoo in less time for less money. We charge by the inch so if you want to know how much it’s going to cost to have that tattoo removed, give us a call at 425-998-0181 and schedule your free consultation.

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