Tattoo Lightening... when you want a new tattoo over an old one

Today, one of the most common tattoo projects for tattoo artists is the cover up. More often individuals with tattoos are looking to replace old, unwanted tattoos that they are tired of or no longer like. They are looking to "cover" over their old tattoos. 

Beware - covering a tattoo with white tattoo ink can't be undone

Before 3 Laser Tattoo Removal & After Cover up

Lasers target color and can't see white, a white tattoo cannot be removed with a laser. Clients who come in with white ink in their tattoo will not be able to have it removed. Covering a tattoo with white ink to have a cover over that sometimes creates a messy look that can't be undone. If you have a tattoo you want to cover, come in for a free consultation to find out your best options.

Three treatments are usually all that is required to have a tattoo lightened for a cover. Or call us at 425-998-0181 to schedule your consultation.

"I am so grateful to Debbie and her amazing team! I had been covering my foot for years, hating the tattoo I had and desperately wishing I could cover it with something pretty and feminine! There was no way to get a cover up without lightening the existing black tattoo first. Debbie was clear about what we could achieve and how many sessions it might take. Her team went out of their way to ease my anxiety and minimize my discomfort and were absolute professionals! In the end, they were able to give my tattoo artist a new canvas to work with and I love showing off my new piece (and the before pictures!) whenever I can!"

A Tattoo Cover Up Helps New Tattoo Colors be More Vibrant!

Some tattoos are just too dark for an artist to ink over. If tattoo lightening is not done then the result may not be what is intended, and the individual may not be satisfied with the final result. A lot of times, people who get tattoo cover ups without lightening their old tattoos have to put up with what they have to have, instead of getting what they want to have. To avoid a problem like this, laser tattoo removal treatments to lighten the tattoo may just be the answer because it can significantly help in the transition process so that the new art has a better place to stand out. More and more tattoo artists are recommending laser treatments prior to individuals getting a cover just because they know the final result will be much better.

Tattoo lightening requires fewer treatments than tattoo removal and normally take 2 - 3 visits before another tattoo can be placed over the old, lighter tattoo.

Before Laser & After New Tattoo

Before Lightening & After 3 Treatments 

After Lightening & Cover Up

Before Lightening & After 2 Treatments

Before & After Tattoo Lightening Treatments

Original Tattoo & Completed Coverup

For more information regarding tattoo lightening prices, or if you are a tattoo artist, please call 425-998-0181 for pricing or a free consultation.


Debbie and her staff at Caddell's is amazing! They are friendly, caring, efficient, skilled, and provided me with excellent customer service every step of the way. If you are considering getting minimal tattoo removal for the purpose of tattooing over it, this is hands-down the best place. Debbie respected my tattoo artist's opinion on how much removal was necessary in order for her to feel comfortable with covering it up successfully. I had three removal sessions total. If I ever need anything removed in the future, I will definitely return to Caddell's!