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What You Need to Know Before Starting Laser Tattoo Removal

  • February 11, 2019

If you’ve recently joined the "Ink Regret” Club or are a Charter Member and if you’re still debating whether to have the ink removed here are some hints that will help when you’re finally convinced to get your tatts lasered off.

1. Forget the discount places.

Discount places advertise great prices and sell you a group of appointments for a "cheaper” price. There are several reasons not to use cheaper clinics or discount promotions for tattoo removal.

  • It’s a medical procedure. There’s a chance you could burn and scar. Using outdated equipment increases the chance of that. Go to a clinic with experienced estheticians and the best equipment (like Caddell’s!) who can provide you with the best laser tattoo removal.
  • The cheaper clinics may not use the most effective setting and you could end up having more treatments than if you had gone to professionals who use correct settings for fewer treatments. And you want the tat off sooner, right?
Lion Before and After

2. It will take several treatments.

That tattoo that took an hour to get will take several appointments to remove. They don’t just disappear; laser tattoo removal isn’t an eraser that can magically erase your tattoo. The laser used at your tattoo removal appointment focuses on the ink and breaks down the tattoo ink particles and then they are absorbed by your immune system. It takes about six to eight weeks for the particles to get absorbed so at your next appointment, the laser will pinpoint and breakdown new particles.

3. The cost of laser tattoo removal.

Even with the growing popularity of tattoo removal and the number of clinics offering the treatment, it isn’t an inexpensive treatment. Based on several different factors such as the age of the tattoo, the size, the ink colors, darkness and type, the treatment can cost hundreds of dollars per session. The average cost per session, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) is $463. But see #1 for why it’s worth it.

4. New equipment works better.

Lasers have improved a lot. Gone are the days when the only ink we could completely remove was black. Now greens and yellows can be removed just as easily. The color that can’t be removed is white because there’s nothing for the laser to pinpoint with white ink, the laser can’t see it. Before you have a tattoo put on with white ink decide if it’s something you really want because you’ll have to live with it forever – no do-overs with white ink. And using white ink to cover a tattoo instead of getting it removed won’t work either due to changing skin tones throughout your life and during the seasons.

5. It hurts during treatment. And after.

You’ve already got the tattoo, so you know it was a bit uncomfortable and getting it removed shouldn’t be a big deal. Tattoo Removal is uncomfortable both during and after treatment. That’s right. The lasered area doesn’t stop hurting when the treatment’s over. After the treatment, the area may be red, swollen, blistered and bruised. For a couple of days, you will need to apply Aquaphor and bandages. Loose clothing on the area may help too. The good news is that each treatment requires less aftercare as there is less ink reacting to the laser.

4 Square

Before you get started, realize that Laser Tattoo Removal isn’t a walk in the park and it’s definitely not safe to get it done anywhere it’s offered. Nor is it a quick, inexpensive and pain-fee treatment. It will require dedication and patience but if you stick with it the results will be worth it! Contact Caddell's today for more information or for your free consultation.