Summer Skin Routines, What Adjustments Should You Make

  • July 5, 2012

Skin behaves differently from season to season, and as a result, skin care routines should adjust with the weather.

1. Skin tends to become more oily in the summer. In most climates, humidity climbs during the hot season. As humidity rises, so does moisture content in the skin. As a result, skin becomes less dry and requires lighter moisturizers. Look for hyaluronic acid based products for lightweight hydration, such as those found in the Epionce® line carried and sold at Caddell's.

2. Use a mask. Masks help to absorb excess oil and clean pores. Frequent use of these products will help keep skin looking clearer and a little less shiny.
3. Cleansers and toners may also need a little boosting. Products with Alpha Hydroxy will help control blackheads as well as keep skin smooth and soft. The Epionce® skin care products carried at Caddell's are stronger and more effective than the skin products sold at grocery, drug and department stores. A little bit of these products goes a long way and they are economical and easy to use.
4. During the summer months certain products such as those containing Vitamin A can make the skin more sensitive to the sun. The products sold by Caddell’s contain Alpha Hydroxy acid which doesn't make your skin more sensitive.
5. Acne patients may want to find alternatives to Accutane, Retin-A, and Benzoyl Peroxide if they plan on spending time in the sun. All three acne treatments make skin more sensitive to the sun, making skin more vulnerable to sunburn. Alpha hydroxy acids do not increase the skin's burning potential nearly as much as the aforementioned products.
6. Always wear a sunblock, even on cloudy days. And remember sun screens are only good for one year. Epionce® has a wonderful sunscreen and can be found at Caddell's.

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