Starting Treatment – Microdermabrasion!

  • August 14, 2014

Starting Treatment – Microdermabrasion. Sandblasting My Face!

If you remember, I wrote a while ago about asking Debbie for help with my face because I thought I was looking older than I really am. She recommended several treatments but not until after I had used Epionce for a period of time to get my face ready for the actual treatments.

Well - I got to start my treatments! It took a while longer than we thought it would because Debbie said my skin was in such horrible shape that I had to keep using the Epionce a bit longer.  I got to go in the Clinic 2 weeks ago and received my first treatment, a Microdermabrasion.

My treatment was done by Kristen Barrett and was actually very nice, I was really pleasantly surprised. Kristen was amazing and started my treatment off with one of Caddell’s signature facials. It felt FANTASTIC! I loved that part of the treatment, the room was quiet and peaceful and the products made my skin feel so good. I really didn’t want the facial to end.

Microdermabrasion is kind of like getting your face sand blasted and vacuumed at the same time. Instead of sand however they use tiny, microscopic crystals and using a small, hand held wand release the crystals over the face. This procedure removes the outer layer of dry, dead skin and allows the healthy skin underneath to show. It’s safe and gentle and at the same time that it’s removing that old, yucky skin it’s encouraging the production of skin cells and a higher level of collagen and elastin. Wow! Instant results!  My skin looked and felt great – it felt softer yet tighter and smoother.

It stung a bit after the treatment, but not for long. Within an hour, the redness had gone and my face felt so smooth and soft. I noticed a big difference with the Microdermabrasion treatment; I never thought my skin could be improved that much in less than an hour.

Kristen told me that Microdermabrasion is excellent for sun-damaged and rough textured skin. That description fits me to a Tee. As a runner, I’m sometimes outside in the sun for a couple of hours at a time, usually with little to no sunscreen and sweating. My face takes a beating. This treatment stimulates the collagen production of fresh young skin cells.

The best part so far is that a lot of people tell me that I don’t look as tired and that I look happier.  I love that part! I’m continuing to use Epionce and I continue to be amazed at what a change excellent skin care products make on your face and another benefit is that I haven’t had to use as much product since I had my Microdermabrasion treatment.

And . . . I’m starting to skip the makeup – I like my face enough to let it go bare!

I’m not sure what my next treatment is going to be – stay tuned!  

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