Quick Tips to Keep Your Nails Looking Their Best

  • July 26, 2012

You've all probably seen this little statement - Enhance Your Beauty ™ at the bottom of my newsletters and on my Website.  That's our goal at Caddell's - to help everyone Enhance THEIR Beauty!  So every once in awhile I think it's fun to gather a bit of information that you might find useful or helpful ~ enjoy.

One of the most basic ways to feel feminine and put-together is to have nice, well-groomed, and reasonably long (or at least not gnawed to a nub) nails. While everyone’s nails are different, there are a few rules of thumb (ha!) which are important to follow, especially if you do all of your own manicures at home.

  • Choose the right shape for your nails. A good guide is to match the shape of the tips to the shape of the cuticle. If you have very square cuticles, a square tip will most likely look best, and the same goes for very round cuticles. Experts insist that neither style chips more than the other. The shape of your nails is especially important if you aren’t wearing nail polish, since your nail and cuticle will be fully visible.
  • Never cut your cuticles! Annoying as they may be at times, cuticles are there for a reason, and cutting them (unless you’re a professional) leaves small cuts and tears which can lead to tearing, peeling, and infection. Just push them back and let them be. Or, if you must remove them somehow, try a cuticle dissolver like Blue Cross Cuticle Remover

Polish Tips

  •  If you need to scrimp, do it on the color. This may seem counter-intuitive, but the quality of your nail color doesn’t affect the life or beauty of your manicure nearly as much as the quality of your base and topcoat and your painting technique. Plus, you might not end up liking a color or just not using it as much as you thought you would, but you’ll always be reaching for that high-quality base and topcoat.
  • Keep your polish (or maybe just your favorites) in the fridge. Or in another cool, dry place. It will last longer.
  • Always, ALWAYS use a basecoat. It doesn’t matter if your nail polish boasts ‘3-in-1’ basecoat, color, and topcoat power, you’ll always get the best results and better protect your natural nails by using a high-quality basecoat.
  •  Don’t shake your polish. This can cause those annoying air bubbles in your manicure. Instead, roll it between your hands for a minute or two. The heat from your palms and the rolling motion is usually plenty to mix together separated polish.
  • Aim for 3 long brush strokes. It’s a difficult maneuver to master, but the best way to get nice, even layers of polish is to paint one line down the center of your nail, and then painting another line down each side. Apply several thin layers. Not only will this help your nails dry much more quickly than globbing on one mega-thick layer, but letting each coat dry (or mostly dry) between coats will build the color you want while minimizing the chance of messing up your manicure in the hour or two after you apply the polish. Thick layers might be dry on top faster than waiting for thin layers to dry individually, but they takes much longer to dry all the way through, which leaves lots of time to dent, scratch, or smear your still-tacky nails. Plus, if your coats are thin enough, chances are that the first nail you painted will be nearly dry by the time you make it all the way around!
  • Touch up your topcoat every 2 days. This helps prevent chips and keeps your nails super-glossy.
  • Nix bubbles, dents, or cracks with quick-dry topcoat. Even days after you’ve applied your polish, you can remove bubbles, ripples, cracks, and dents (as long as they’re relatively small) with a single layer of quick-dry topcoat. Don’t ask me how it works, I only know it’s a manicure miracle.

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