Quick Beauty Tips

  • August 9, 2012

Who wants to spend time indoors getting ready to go outdoors?  Here are some more fast, quick beauty tips for summer! If you have a tip that you’d like to share fill out this form so we can share it with others!

Exfoliating – if you don’t have an exfoliant it’s easy to make your own by simply using ½ cup of sugar with olive or sunflower oil and gently use small circles to slough dead skin.  Let the mixture dry on your face, rinse and you’ll be glowing!

Healthy Looking Hands  keep your nails as short as practical during the summer to avoid chipped polish and broken nails.  Use a light colored polish – it won’t show chips as much as the darker shades. After each shower, push your cuticles back gently with a towel to have that just manicured look.

Fix a Broken Nail  use a dab of super glue over a torn nail.  Buff gently with a nail file, repeat the glue and buff step twice then cover with your favorite polish.

Smooth Looking Hair  is your hair getting frizzy from chlorine or too much sun?  Be sure and deep condition it once a week for soft, shiny locks.

Tame Your Frizzies  spritz a round brush with hairspray and brush your hair roots to tip – you’ll have hold and bounce and no frizz.

Fresh Looking Face to keep your face looking fresh remember less is best!

  • List ElementUse a light shimmering powder instead of a heavy foundation so you don’t look likQuick Beauty Tips for Summere you’re melting in the hot sun.
  • The best lip gloss for a bronzed face is shiny lip gloss.
  • Light eye shadow in beige just under your brow bone will draw attention to your eyes.
  • Wearing waterproof mascara will avoid "raccoon eyes” when you get out of the pool.
  • Purchasing Latisse from Caddell's will eliminate the need for mascara, making it a snap to get outdoors.

Cool Lines  avoid crumbling eyeliner when you sharpen it by placing it in the freezer while you’re having your morning coffee.

Left Over Sunscreen  check to see if your sunscreen has an expiration date, if it does and it’s past the date, toss it.  If you don’t see a date, the rule of thumb is that the active ingredients (zinc, titanium dioxide and Parsol 1789) should remain stable for about three years.  Toss it if it gets lumpy, smelly or a bizarre color. Get great sunscreen delivered to your door by ordering it online through Epionce.  Use their website Epionce.com to order and be sure and use Caddell's Shop Code - #20110906 .  This will make you eligible for specials, sneak previews and more!

Cool Down! – if your face turns red after working out place an ice cold towel on the back of your neck for a few minutes.

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