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  • August 1, 2017

What Treatments Can Help You Look Younger Naturally

Many of us want to do something to reduce the visibility of our wrinkles, or eliminate acne scars and brown spots, but what are the best treatments available that allow you to do that naturally?

We all know about the injectables such as Botox, or Fillers such as Juvederm, and what they can do to help you look younger. What if you don't want the frozen look, or the un-natural looking plump lips? It seems like every red carpet showcases the stars that all look alike. You want to look younger and more fresh looking but you don't want to look like the plastic looking celebrities that are so common?

Anti-aging treatments, ideally, should start in  your 30's, when your skin can work with the treatments.  You can't start in your 40's and expect to look 20 something.

Blue Sweater

Anti-aging treatments that are natural, that is, they make your face respond to treatments by adding collagen that's produced naturally, just keep getting better and more effective.

Here's a few treatments you should consider:

Each of these treatments have little to no downtime and can help you look younger. They may require a series of treatments and if you want to look younger, have more radiant skin for the holidays then now is the time to start treatments.

And don't forget about skin care products and the importance they play in keeping your skin fresh and young looking. Ask your technician about our medical grade skin product line from Epionce and the world of difference it can make on your skin!

When you participate in the fall and holiday festivities, let people see how refreshing and youthful you look. Call for your appointment now at 425-998-0181.

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