Laser Hair Removal vs. Waxing – Which One is Better?

  • July 20, 2012

I’ve been asked many times, “What’s the difference between Laser Hair Removal and waxing? “ Wow – I could list difference after difference because there are a lot of differences!

Most of us are familiar with both procedures – both treatments achieve the same results – or do they?  Let’s examine them.

When you have an area waxed, a thin layer of hot wax is applied to the layer of skin where you want the hair removed and a small cloth is laid on top.  Once the wax cools, the waxer will pull on the cloth very hard and literally pull your hair out by the roots.   Sound painful?  Well, I’ve been told you get used to it!  And the results only last several weeks before you have to go back in for more of the same.  Laser Hair Removal is a painful treatment as well, but I’ve been told it doesn’t hurt as much as waxing.

After waxing you may have a waxing “break out” for a few days – those little red, itchy bumps on the waxed area.  These are caused from a reaction to the chemicals in the wax; this can’t happen with Laser Hair Removal.  You can also experience ingrown hairs with waxing as well because the hair grows back just as thick as it did before.  With Laser Hair Removal the ingrown hairs disappear and you won’t be bothered by them at all because the hair grows back thinner and finer.

I’ve heard people say they choose waxing over Laser Hair Removal because it’s cheaper.  Really?  It may cost less per session however it can take up to 20 years for permanent results with waxing, so if you go in once a month for a Brazilian and it costs around $75 for each treatment; that’s $900 a year.  For 20 years worth of treatments you’d pay $18,000!  When you have Laser Hair Removal on the same area you’re going to spend around $2,000 over a 2 year period.

When you return for more waxing treatments you have to go in after there’s enough re-growth for the wax to attach to, so you go through a “messy” period of hair growth before your next treatment.  Not with Laser Hair Removal – this treatment consists of a wave length of light which is attracted to melanin, the substance that gives skin its color.  When the Laser emits this light it passes through the skin, to the hair follicle where it is absorbed by the hair and killed. My clients usually need 6 – 10 appointments for desired results. After each Laser treatment the regrowth is finer, thinner and lighter in color.  And since the Laser goes after the hair follicle you can go in for another appointment just as the hair comes through the skin, giving a cleaner, neater appearance.

A typical waxing treatment will take anywhere from 30 - 45 minutes.  Laser Hair Removal will take approximately 15 - 30 minutes, not a huge time savings but it adds up. Laser Hair Removal is one of the earliest cosmetic applications of laser technology and it has been successful for 15 years and my 12 years of experience make us very successful with Laser Hair Removal. By going to Caddell’s for Laser Hair Removal you’ll never be hairy again!

These are just a few of the things you should consider when you’re thinking about waxing or Laser Hair Removal we think the choice is obvious and that Laser Hair Removal is the winner!

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