Laser Hair Removal Questions & Answers

  • April 29, 2016

Facts About Laser Hair Removal

I’m going to revisit some basic facts about Laser Hair Removal due to so many requests!

How does it work?

During the treatment, the esthetician holds the laser against your skin. The laser is a hot beam of light that is attracted to melanin, or the color in the hair, which causes it to fall out.

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Who performs the treatments?

All laser hair removal treatments are performed by one of Caddell's Laser Clinic's well-trained  esthetician's. Each technician is extensively trained before performing any treatments.

How many treatments are needed?

Hair grows in phases and the laser can only remove hair that is actively growing at the time of the treatment, so several treatments are necessary. The hair follicle is lined with stem cells that create the hair. When the laser is fired it produces heat in the follicle which destroys the stem cells that create the hair. Multiple treatments are needed in order to kill all of the cells. The average amount is 7-12 treatments. The best results are when you have light skin and dark hair. When hair grows back it comes back thinner and lighter in color.

Does it work for everyone?

There are certain colors of hair that don’t respond to the laser because they are too light - light blonde, gray and some shades of red. The best results come from treating black or brown hair, however, the esthetician’s at Caddell’s have more than one laser that they can use and you can also incorporate Electrolysis into your treatment for ultimate results.

How do I prepare for treatments?

Avoiding the sun as much as possible is optimal for best results. Hair that hasn’t been shaved for a few days makes it easier for the esthetician to see and treat. You need to also avoid depilatories and waxing before treatment because they pull the hair out of the follicle which leaves the laser with no target.

How long do treatments take?

Smaller areas being treated, such as the chin, between eyebrows or underarms can take about 10 minutes. A full back or legs can take up to an hour – your esthetician can give you a good idea on how long your treatment will take.

 Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Depending on the area treated treatments can range from comfortable to a little uncomfortable. Very few clients at Caddell’s need a topical pain reliever after treatment.

Can Laser Hair Removal be used anywhere?

Almost – there are a few areas we can’t use the laser on. Nostrils, the inner part of your ear and the inside the orbit of the eyes are off limits (sorry gents)! Eyebrows, facial areas, underarms, arms, back, legs and bikini line are all fair game.

Will hair grow back?

Most people claim that they need an occasional "touch up” here and there, the overall effects of the treatments are lasting however. Since our bodies are complicated and many things happen over our lifetimes you may need to return for occasional touch ups. Endocrine issues, pregnancy, menopause and prescriptions can also cause hair to grow back.

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