Is Brazilian Hair Removal For You?

  • January 15, 2018

How to Feel Fresh and Clean Every Day

There’s nothing quite like the clean feeling you get when you step out of the shower. Feeling clean and fresh and smooth where you want to feel smooth.

If you could feel that way everyday – even days when you can only take a quick shower because you’re out of time, would you? Would it be worth the investment to have a smooth, hair free pubic area? Are you looking for smooth skin, not only in a swim suit, but nude as well? Would you rather appear like you’ve never had hair there? Or are you interested in some hair removal in your pubic area, but not be totally hair free?

Forget shaving or waxing! Think Laser! The Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Treatment is one of the more popular Laser Hair Removal treatments done at Caddell’s and now is the time to start thinking about being Hair Free this summer!

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

There are plenty of reasons to have a hairless pubic area.

  • Imagine being able to throw on a bikini at a moment’s notice. It usually seems that no matter how often we wax or when the last shave was, when it’s time to put on that bikini, there’s fuzz. And when you shave there’s the possibility of razor burn, ingrown hairs or stubble. And no worry about nicking yourself in the most sensitive of areas. Everything might look great at home, but that bright sunlight is going to reveal something. • Many bikini bottoms and panties are getting narrower, showing more of the pubic region than ever before. Another benefit of being bare removes the worry of wearing the latest and most fashionable underwear with confidence. You don’t need to plan your life around your hair removal needs.
  • There’s nothing quite like the experience of smooth, flawless skin. As all women know, the bikini zone is the most troubling hair removal area, most hair removal options cause more problems than solutions. Laser Hair Removal in the pubic area creates smooth and flawless skin with less irritation than other methods. To prevent stubble from growing back and irritations from other treatments, if you are looking for smooth skin, and saving hundreds of dollars a year on shaving or waxing then Brazilian Laser Hair Removal is the ideal treatment because compared to a lifetime of waxing, laser hair removal is a cost effective, time saving, safe and fairly painless way to keep your body looking the way you want it to look.
  • Laser Treatments are fairly quick. The normal Brazilian laser session can take as little as 25 – 30 minutes.

Who Should Get Laser Hair Removal?

There may have been stigmas in the past with someone removing all their pubic hair, but those thought processes are gone. Most men and women getting Laser Hair Removal in their pubic areas do so for aesthetics and for the feeling of optimal personal hygiene. People now want to have hair free pubic areas for the smooth results they experience.

And women aren’t the only ones who enjoy being hair free. Manscaping isn’t as much of a trend as it used to be – it has evolved into more of an everyday grooming procedure. The estheticians at Caddell’s are experts in Laser Hair Removal treatments and can make you feel comfortable during treatments.

After Treatment Care

Once you’ve had Laser Hair Removal in your Bikini Area, or gone for a Brazilian, you will still need to maintain the area. Less time will be required, but maintenance procedures will be discussed with your Caddell’s esthetician.


Can I Customize My Treatments? YES! It’s Completely Up to You!

There are a variety of different styles:

  • Full Brazilian
  • Brazilian with Stripe
  • Brazilian with Upper Hair
  • Brazilian with a Triangle
  • Custom Design Brazilian

Are You a Good Candidate for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

During a Laser Hair Removal Treatment, the laser is absorbed by the hair, it travels into the hair follicle, destroying it. The laser destroys the hair root, so it won’t grow from that follicle in the future. The effectiveness of Laser Hair Removal depends on the color and thickness of your hair and your skin tone, which will also determine how many treatments you’ll need and how long each treatment will take. Because everyone is different, it’s important to consult a Laser Hair Removal specialist to discuss your personal needs unique factors.

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The first step toward smooth, flawless skin is a free consultation at Caddell’s Laser Clinic. Because the health of your skin is so important, we want you to have trust in our highly trained professionals before treatments begin. Call us today to schedule your free consultation. 425-998-0181

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