How Do You Know Which Skin Care Products to Use?

  • May 9, 2014

There are so many skin care products on the market today it's almost impossible to determine which skin care product is right for your skin. There are different grades of skin care products ranging from those sold in grocery and drug stores, products sold in department stores and the highest grade products - those that are prescribed by doctors and also sold at Caddell's Laser Clinic. We carry only the highest grade skin care products sold.

What's the Right Product for Your Skin?

As the owner of Caddell's Laser & Electrolysis Clinic I have studied and trained on how to provide quality skin care and I'm considered an expert on skin care products.  I can determine the best products for your skin which can help increase the collagen in your skin and help keep you looking younger longer.

With the products sold at Caddell's Laser Clinic your choices are simple. After we determine which skin type you have we will create your regimen using the products that fit  your need.

Do you have Acne? Diabetes? Eczema? Hperpigmentation? Rosacea? Psoriasis? Radiation Dermatitis? Skin Aging?  If you answered yes to any of these then your skin needs extra care. You will need to remove skin impurities without disrupting the lipids and cells that form the natural protective barrier.

Products Recommended by Caddell's

Caddell's carries Epionce® Skin Care Products in stock and they can be purchased online as well. Epionce is a comprehensive and innovative skin care line of cleansers and support creams, rich in collagen and elastin. 

The Epionce System products include:Epionce Skin Care Products
Cleanse and Prepare - Epionce Cleanse & Prepare products remove skin impurities with disrupting the intercellular lipids and cells that form the natural protective barrier.

Try the Milky Lotion Cleanser for dry skin, the Gentle Foaming Cleanser for Normal to Combination skin and the Lytic Gel Cleanser for skin that is oily or problem skin and conditions such as acne, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

Correct and Boost - products that help reduce imperfections, smooth uneven texture, and minimize signs of skin aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

The Lytic Tx treatments are effective for eliminating skin imperfections and smoothing uneven skin. The Lytic Lite is ideal for disrupted skin associated with rosacea and dermatitis. The Lytic TX can help reverse skin aging. The Lytic Plus and Lytic Sport TX are perfect for treating very oily, problem adult and teenage skin.
Irregular pigmentation can be addressed with Epionce's MelanoLyte TX & Pro with long term results.
Epionce's Enriched Firming Mask hydrates the skin to repair, stranghten and fortify the skin barrier, increasing elasticity and firmness.
Renew and Fortify - products that deeply penetrate through the skin barrier to reach targeted cells to strengthen, repair and fortify the skin. Experience the most complete multivitamin for your skin safely with the Renew and Fortify products.

These products include defense Serums, Renewal Facial Cream, Facial Lotion, Lite Facial Lotion, Intensive Nourishing Cream, Limited Edition Renewal Eye Cream, Restorative Hand Cream, Renewal Enriched Body Lotion, Extreme Barrier Cream and Medical Barrier Cream.

Protect and Prevent - products and sunscreens that help prevent premature skin aging and help reduce the risk of skin cancer associated with outside exposure.

  • Active Shield Lotion SPF30+ is a light, quick abosrbing broad-spectrum sheer lotion. It is water-resistant and great for moderate outdoor activities.
  • The Active Shield Lotion SPF50+ is designed for strenuous outdoor activities and is very water-resistant.
    Post Treatment Care - effective tools specifically created for at-home use after any in-office treatment procedure.

Post Treatment Care - effective tools specifically created for at-home use after any in-office treatment procedure.

Use the Skin Barrier Repair Kit after an in-office treatment procedure such as chemical peels or microdermabrasion, to enhance the healing process. The Intense Skin Rehab System provides a generous boost of hydration while rapidly restoring a healthy barrier function following a moderate to deeper skin rejuvenation procedure.

I'm always happy to help you determine which Epionce product is right for your skin type, or if you prefer the convenience of shopping online you can check out and be sure and enter in the Caddell's special code of #20110906 when you sign up. This Preferred Shopper Rewards Program is designed to offer you a variety of fun and interesting perks for you.

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