Fractional Co2 Laser Treatments at Caddell's Laser Clinic

Fractional Co2 Laser | Skin Resurfacing | Laser Skin Tightening Treatment

Called The Anti-aging Breakthrough of the Decade by Web MD.

The search for the fountain of youth has been going on since Adam and Eve. And, according to Web MD, Fractional Co2 Laser treatments are the new gold standard in skin resurfacing and has been declared the anti-aging breakthrough of the decade. The Fractional Co2 Laser is safe for most skin types and delivers dramatic results with minimal discomfort. Wrinkles, stretch marks, scars and burns can be treated successfully and with great results with the Fractional Co2 laser. The Lumenis UltraPulse Laser is used for skin rejuvenation and can reduce wrinkles, pore size, help with texture changes and baby soft skin occurs after treatment. It is also used to reduce hypertrophic scars.

Because this laser is so wonderful, down time can be one-to-two weeks, with redness lasting seven-to-10 days. After that - expect compliments! 

Fractional Co2 Laser treatments can reverse 5 - 10 years of aging from your skin. 

Try this treatment from Caddell's soon and turn back time!

Why Does the Fractional Co2 Laser Work So Well?

The main protein in your skin is collagen and it keeps your skin looking young and line free. Sun exposure, pollution and aging destroys collagen which creates wrinkles.  The Fractional Co2 laser outperforms any other non-Co2 based laser or device, and can reverse 5-10 years of skin aging, wrinkles, and can reduce old acne or trauma related scarring.  The Fractional Co2 Laser treatment uses a laser beam and breaks it up into many small beams which create tiny, microscopic holes in the skin. The tiny holes cause enough injury to promote new collagen production, putting it into overdrive, creating extra collagen which reduces wrinkles, fine lines, burns, scars and new stretch marks. The end result is that Fractional Co2 Laser treatments achieve true resurfacing efficiently and with comfort.

The Co2 laser wavelength is one of the few lasers that is able to penetrate to the deeper portions of the skin, which means that the treatment penetrates deeper than is available with traditional lasers. This results in deeper rejuvenation effects and treats stubborn skin conditions, such as deep scars. Immediate tightening of treated skin can be observed immediately after the session.

Your new appearance will continue to improve with the stimulation of collagen production for several months to a year after the procedure. If you are interested in this exciting new anti-aging treatment, contact Caddell's today!

If you have concerns with aging skin, this is an effective treatment option for you. The Fractional Co2 laser treatment is an excellent treatment for deep acne scars, Actinic Keratosis, wrinkles and sagging skin which allows the patient to see drastic and clinically visible improvements in a short treatment cycle.

The proof is in the pudding they say, so here are some untouched post Fractional Co2 Laser treatment photos.

Before Fractional Co2 Treatment & 8 Months Post Treatment

Before & 4 Weeks Post Fractional Co2 Laser Treatment for Scar Treatment

After 4 Fractional Co2 Treatments on Leg Scar

Before & 2 Years Post Fractional Co2 Treatment

5 Days Post Fractional Co2 Treatment

What are the Side Effects of Fractional Co2 Laser Treatments?

You will notice redness and swelling during the first two days. Patients with darker complexions may be at risk for pigmentation with any laser treatment. At Caddell's, we are very thorough during our consultation and treatment preparation, making sure the treatment is done safely and correctly. Typically there are a couple of days of swelling and redness and then another two days of swelling before your face is back to normal.

When Will I See Results From my Fractional Co2 Treatment?

Results will begin to show approximately two months after the treatment is complete. Your body will be sending collagen, blood, water and oxygen to your treatment area which will tighten and smooth the skin. The Fractional Co2 treatment takes a bit of time to show results because it's helping the natural body cycle, however the treatment is much more long term with the results being visible for one - six years based on studies.