Facial Rejuvenation - Laser Genesis Treatments - Candela Rejuvenation

Is Your Skin Damaged, Rough Textured, and Old Looking?

Let’s face it – life and the environment is tough on skin, especially our faces. We all love a healthy, youthful look and as we age that goes away and it may be time to consider repairing it.

Weapons to Put in Your Skin Care Arsenal

The Laser Genesis using the NdYag wavelength and Candela GMaxPro Laser are two weapons that should be in your arsenal of tools when it comes to combating wrinkles and red skin. These lasers are used for skin rejuvenation and help improve redness, tighten skin and reduce wrinkles with no downtime.

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Skin Rejuvenation may be the answer you've been looking for to solve your skin issues. 

What Does Facial Rejuvenation Do?

Facial Rejuvenation is considered a "lunch time” procedure – they are quick and the best news of all is there is no downtime with either the Genesis Laser and the Candela Rejuvenation procedure.  Side effects with these facial rejuvenation treatments are few, other than pinkness of the skin which is usually gone within a few hours. Satisfied clients of these Facial Rejuvenation Treatments say they are a gentle, relaxing and painless procedure. The warmth from the treatment may cause slight discomfort and most clients report a warm, relaxing treatment.

How Long Do Rejuvenation Results Last?

Depending on your skin type and skin regimen results can last from at least six to 12 months. Before your series of treatments, you will be given a personal skin regimen that should be followed to allow you to enjoy the results as long as possible. The best results occur after a series of five treatments, spaced four to five weeks apart. The length of the results is influenced by your lifestyle, diet, sun exposure and the skin care products you use. By following these guidelines, you can extend the results even longer:

  • Following the daily skin care regimen
  • Use a SPF 50 broad spectrum sunblock (EVERY DAY!)
  • Regular Exercise
  • Not Smoking
  • Not Drinking Excessively

How Do Rejuvenation Treatments Work?

Facial Rejuvenation treatments such as the Laser Genesis and the Candela Rejuvenation, stimulate new skin cell growth, blood flow and collagen production by increasing the temperature of the skin to 42 degrees Celsius during the treatment. These facial rejuvenation laser treatments smooth fine lines and remove facial redness. They can also close tiny capillaries and veins that cause redness on your skin. Most clients see improvement on their skin during the course of their treatments (approximately after three or four treatments). It is recommended that treatments be four to five weeks apart and a total of five treatments for optimal results.


Now is the time to treat your skin and pamper it and help your skin repair sun damage! And the best way to do that is with a Facial Rejuvenation – schedule yours today!