Why we love it: "SPF for sensitive skin that looks good too."

Review: "As a fair-haired, fair-skinned sensitive beauty writer, sunscreen is a daily essential - it really is our best anti-ageing tool and a must for skin health, but so many people ignore it until they're on their annual holiday. But with pollution concerns rising too, a daily shield is exactly what's needed and Epionce have nailed it with their latest launch. Using mineral filters only (better for sensitive skin), it's a broad spectrum SPF that protects against UV rays as well as pollution, infrared radiation and high energy visible light (HEVL). It has a glowing, sheer, suits-all tint to it; it looks deep on pale skins initially but once it sinks in, the effect is that of a sunkissed complexion. It's products like this that show just how far sunscreens, especially physical (rather than chemical) formulas, have come. An enjoyable addition to your beauty routine that works hard to earn its keep."
Reviewer: Judy Johnson, Digital Editor