Does Micro-Needling Improve the Appearance of Wrinkles and Acne Scars?

  • January 20, 2015

Micro Needling - Part Deux

I had my second Micro Needling anti-aging treatment last week by Zuzana and this time we thought we’d try something a bit different. For my first treatment I had the numbing cream applied to my face and had to wait ½ hour before Zuzana started the treatment. This treatment I didn’t have the numbing cream applied and just had the treatment. And I’ll repeat my first sentence from my last post – It wasn’t all that bad. A little more stinging than with the numbing cream and I could feel it more when she treated my forehead but it certainly wasn’t horrible.

First order of business was to cleanse my face to make sure it was clean before the treatment. Zuzana has a nice touch and is extremely gentle. The next step is to put Hyaluronic Acid on my face. Hyaluronic Acid is a natural substance found in the human body and acts as a cushion and lubricant to the skin. By applying it before my anti-aging treatment it soaked into my skin and acted as a lubricant so the handheld Micro Needling device glided over my skin much easier.

Because this was the second treatment, the treatment was a little stronger than the first, however it still didn’t take any longer than the first Micro Needling treatment that I had in October. Total time for the actual treatment was just over ½ hour. With my first treatment, my skin didn’t turn red at all and there was very little sensitivity the next day. There was redness after the second treatment and felt like a sunburn the rest of the day. I cleansed my face gently that night and the next day the redness was gone and there was very little sensitivity.

My family and friends have already noticed how much smoother my face appears after my Micro Needling anti-aging treatment. At Caddell’s, both Debbie and Zuzana told me I should have one treatment a month, however I went two months between the first and second and booked my second when my husband mentioned my skin looked like it had before the first treatment.

According to Debbie I will need 5 – 6 Micro Needling treatments to have the same effect as a Fractional Co2 treatment. With Micro Needling there isn’t any down time like there would be with a Fractional Co2 treatment. No discomfort and no down time, I love it!

I feel that my skin is smoother and has more natural color than it would have if I hadn’t had the treatment. And I understand why Dermatologists and estheticians recommend this anti-aging treatment to clients with acne or chickenpox scars and to those with wrinkles around the eyes. There is also success when Micro Needling treatments are used on broad acne scars.

This is a great anti-aging treatment to have before an event or vacation because you will notice a quick, if not immediate, response time with great results. And the results will last for 4 weeks and possibly a bit more.

Stay tuned. . . I already have my third appointment on the books for late February!

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