Does Micro Needling Improve the Appearance of Wrinkles and Acne Scars?

  • August 10, 2015
Micro Needling is an anti-aging treatment that is proving to work well and show great results. Dermal rollers are available for home use in addition with Micro Needling at a spa or clinic. What are dermal rollers? A dermal roller is a small device that has dozens of surgical grade, or acupuncture size needles that roll over your skin and puncture the surface of your skin with hundreds of tiny holes.

It’s recommended that you use this device over your face, usually three times a week, with light pressure. And why, you may ask, do this? It sounds a bit like torture! Well, needling allows skin products to be absorbed into your skin better and improves the look and texture of your skin by making your skin create more collagen (the natural stuff produced by your body, not the kind that’s injected).

Collagen is your skin’s way of responding to damage you create on your skin when you needle. The results are smoother skin which removes wrinkles and some scars.

There are Cons on needling at home. Buying an inexpensive dermal roller can cause the needles to come off of the roller and stick in your skin – OW! (Think pincushions or porcupines!) If you’re going to needle at home, buy a high grade roller to avoid looking like a pincushion. Another Con is the fact that you can overdue the rolling and cause infections and create more issues than you had before. The needles get dull and dirty and need to be changed frequently and should be thoroughly cleaned after each use.

The Dermal Rollers purchased for home use don’t puncture the skin as deeply as the rollers at spas and clinics and experts in the field of anti-aging have found that combining home and clinical needling prove to offer the most effective results, because the skin is in a constant state of repair, producing collagen.

Studies show that men and women are starting anti-aging treatments in their 30’s and are beginning to choose natural treatments over injectables, such as Botox®and Restylane®. According to the Wall Street Journal, more and more people want to look like themselves and are afraid of looking different. Natural treatments such as MicroN​eedling and a variety of laser treatments such as Fractional Co2 Laser and IPL PhotoFacial treatments are becoming more and more popular. In fact, these treatments are becoming so popular appointments are filling up fast!

The results take time to really show up so if you’re going to want to look your freshest during the holiday season you should start booking your treatments now, so when you walk into a room during the festivities people will think you’re glowing and happy.

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