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Considering Fractional CO2 Laser Treatments to Revitalize & Make Your Skin Look Younger & More Vibrant?    04/23/2013
A Fractional CO2 Laser treatment (Frac CO2), also known as laser resurfacing, is a treatment that can reverse 5-10 years of skin aging and dramatically reduces old acne or trauma related scars. It can also remove pre-cancerous spots on your skin, reducing your risk of skin cancer.  This treatment has been used for years to treat different skin issues, including wrinkles, scars, enlarged oil glands on the nose, scars and other conditions....
Fractional CO 2 Laser Treatments    04/02/2013
Fractional Co2 Laser Treatment
I want to tell you about Fractional CO2 Laser Treatments – also known as the Frac CO2 Laser. This laser uses the latest proven innovation in laser technology. The Frac CO2 laser is used to remove wrinkles, eliminate brown spots, improve melasma and has proven successful in removing stretch marks.

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