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Caddell's Laser and Electrolysis Clinic Testimonials

Clients are our best source of referrals - we love them and appreciate it when they tell their friends about the treatments they have done at Caddell's. We hope you enjoy reading a few of our favorites!
Testimonials found on other sites are especially nice - here's one from Todd about our tattoo removal services. Thanks!
Another testimonial has recently been brought to our attention - this client of Caddell's chronicled her Tattoo Removal treatments at Caddell's and it's a great history of how a tattoo is removed.  It's fairly long and is well worth the read if you are thinking about having a tattoo removed and why you should choose Caddell's Laser Clinic!

Thank you for taking a look at our testimonials. Read what our customers have to say, or leave your own comments.
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I've had laser hair removal & electrolysis done at Caddell's, & had a fantastic experience. Laser hair removal was done in 2 areas, & I expanded to more areas & added electrolysis. For Laser Hair Removal I had Zuzanna & Debbie, each one was professional, set my expectations well, were easy to schedule time with, quickly moved me up to a higher (& more effective) laser setting but also watched for discomfort around sensitive body parts. I am glad to have worked with them both. Karen for electrolysis is fantastic. She explained the procedure well, works quickly, monitors comfort levels, & is very pleasant to be around.
I got laser done on my chest at a different location previously, who sold me a package. It was a different laser & ultimately 70% of the hair grew back. The laser at Caddell's seems to be working better, & their pricing system makes for cheaper maintenance visits. I have recommended the service & individuals to a friend & I intend to recommend them to more people.
Comment by: DA

I'm happier than I've been in years partly because of you and your hair removal expertise. My transition is finally going smoothly and I truly feel I will be able to reach my goals sometime soon. Other trans women should know that the hair removal is possible and things aren't as hopeless as they might seem.

Comment by: Anonymous

I've been seeing Marsha for a few years now for laser hair removal. She is awesome! I only go back now for "strays" because for me at least, I had one treatment on my full legs and that was pretty much all I needed. I don't have to shave anymore which is amazing! It's well worth the money and let me just say this is the first time I didn't feel like dark hair on the body was a curse because the laser is attracted to the pigment in the hair. So the darker the better..yay! ?If you have ever thought about trying it, do it once and you will be hooked!
Comment by: VT

Being transgender it was really hard for me to find a place to take care of my hair removal needs because I didn't want to go to a place that made me feel uncomfortable. I was so happy when I found Debbie because I knew instantly that this was the place! She has such an amazing vibe, and made me feel right at home during my consultation and was actually able to do my first session the same day. Hair removal is a process and over the course we have built a bond and I can honestly say that every visit has been a pleasant experience.
Comment by: Jonni

I just had my 3rd Micro Needling appointment with Zuzana and I love the results! I have noticed (and so has my husband) that my skin is smoother and younger looking. The treatment isn't that painful at all, it hurts a bit on the forehead but the rest of the face is painless, and for the last 2 treatments, I haven't used the numbing cream. There really isn't any down time with Micro Needling - my face is a bit red for the rest of the day and the next day I'm good to go.

Zuzana is a great technician - she is professional and confident. You can tell she loves her job and her work shows it.

Renee greets you as you walk through the door which is so nice - she's funny and has a great sense of humor - being greeted by Renee is great!

I love my Micro Needling appointments at Caddell's - it's a great way to pamper myself!
Comment by: Anonymous

Hi Debbie!

I've been meaning to check in with you. My face looks fantastic, and people are noticing! The crow's feet and laugh lines are so much fewer, and the ones that are there are much shallower. Yay! My pores are much smaller, my face feels much smoother, and I am absolutely thrilled.

Comment by: MC

I'm writing a testimonial to the professional service I have received from Caddell's and the wonderful results I've experienced with laser hair removal. In my late 20's, I began experiencing new hair growth of dark hair on my chin and face. Electrolysis was performed by Caddell's and it worked very effectively, and eventually I had minimal reason to be treated further, as the hair had diminished. In the past year, I returned to Caddell's, to have laser treatments on different areas and the results have been UNBELIEVEABLE ~ with the same utter professionalism as in years past, I've now experienced the ease of laser treatment, with superb results! My dermatologist has even commented on how great my skin looks. I have high regard for the work I've had done at Caddell's. Without reservation, I would recommend Debbie Caddell and her staff as the most professional, well trained and superior clinic for hair removal, whether by electrolysis or laser ~ they are the best!

Comment by: L.C.

"I went to a cheaper clinic that caused lots of pain and gave no results. They didn't make you feel comfortable - more like being at a McDonalds version of laser. My technician at Caddell's made me feel comfortable and always did a great job!"

Comment by: T.B

A friend of mine told me that your are a person of the utmost integrity and honesty. And I can see that!

Comment by: Debbie

I have been Debbie's patient for almost a year now.I am having a tattoo removed and although it is a slow process, I have had nothing but a great experience with Debbie and her staff. From the beginning Debbie was so comforting and knowledgeable. This was a very scary decision for me to make and from day one Debbie took care of me making me feel comfortable and confident about going through with the procedure. I had a few appointments set up with other laser clinics but from the moment I met Debbie I knew she was the right technician for me to see. Her lasers are the best of the best and her experience allows her to treat my tattoo with the best results, no scars and complete removal. For these reasons and countless other reasons, I would choose Caddell's Laser Clinic time and time again after this with no hesitation!

Comment by: AH
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