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Revitalash Cosmetics

Do Your Eyes Make a Good First Impression?

  • December 14, 2020

Updated 12/14/2020

I wanted to write today about the difference between a wonderful product we sell at Caddell’s, Revitalash®, and Eyelash Extensions.

As humans, we’re hard-wired to pick up subtle clues about a person from their eyes, so making yours stand out can be one of the best ways to make a lasting impression. But how strong will that impression be if your eyelashes are lacking? Short or absent eyelashes can give the impression of an unhealthy or an older person. If your lashes have gradually become shorter, lighter, or have lost thickness, you may be wondering if there is a way to make them long and luscious again.

Revitalash Cosmetics

Revitalash® is a prescription medication used to stimulate eyelash growth, and more people are ranting and raving about its amazing results. Now, you may be thinking something along the lines of, "But don’t lash extensions do the same thing? Aren’t they more affordable?” Well, let’s take a moment to check it out and see.

The Basics ~

When comparing these two methods, you obviously want to consider time, money, and how effective and lasting the desired results are. Revitalash® helps you regrow your natural eyelashes and make them thicker and longer, while lash extensions can imitate your natural lashes, or offer a more bold and daring effect with a variety of colors and style.

No matter how much we want to deny it, sometimes beauty has a bit of a price tag. Lash extensions vary in cost, and like most beauty enhancements, there is a broad range of expenses you can pay to have them done. The more inexpensive method is using false eyelashes which can be purchased at any drugstore for $3 and up. These are glued as one strip just above your lashes, will last throughout the day, and may be used (for most brands) up to 10 times. While this is highly affordable, it can look fake if not done right. Some women opt for the more practical route; professionally done eyelash extensions. These are individual hairs that are attached to your existing eyelashes with an adhesive and are indistinguishable from natural lashes. However, they can cost between $250 - $600, and while they can begin to fall out as soon as two days after application, they normally last from 2-4 weeks. If you want to maintain your eyelash appeal with this method, touch ups are a must, and these can add up fast since they can cost anywhere from $50 - $100 and can require visits as frequently as every two weeks.

Revitalash®, on the other hand, varies in cost depending upon what package you purchase and the amount of liquid in the bottle itself can easily last for up to two months. 

How much time exactly is this going to add to your daily routine? Obviously being able to do an at-home treatment in your own bathroom can save an exponential amount of time when compared to having to travel back and forth to a salon, but what about the actual application process? With extensions, it can take from 90 to 150 minutes for the first application, and then touch ups can last anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes. That is a huge chunk of your day!

Revitalash® takes only a matter of minutes. First, you remove any make-up and clean your face, and take out your contact lenses if you have them. Then you apply the solution to your eyelash and/or brow area and volia, you’re done! It’s that simple.

Revitalash® is more affordable per month and takes less time to apply than extensions, and you don’t need to go to the salon, but are the results just as good?

The Results ~

To be honest, comparing the results is a bit tricky, because this expectation varies depending on what you want. Extensions are nice because of their instant results; you walk in with dull lashes, and come out with fantastic ones on the same day. Revitalash® does, in fact, give great results, but it can take awhile for these results to show, so it requires a little patience. But after about two months, you can say hello to natural, dramatic lashes! Your lashes will be longer, thicker and appear darker than before. The side effects are minimal, with only 4% of initial test subjects reporting any side effects at all, which is far less than most people report from lash extensions, as the glue they use can irritate eyes.

Another thing to consider is that extensions can limit a lot of daily activities. Itching or rubbing your eyes at all is discouraged, as it can lead to infections. You also can’t get them too wet, which complicates showering, and limits swimming during the upcoming summer months. Putting on too much make-up or make-up remover can cause problems as well, making any morning routine an additional chore. With Revitash®, you just apply and resume your routine. Also, extensions require a solid base of lashes to build on, so if your lashes aren’t quite thick or supportive enough, it can be recommended that you consider Revitalash® anyway.

So basically it boils down to this; if you are looking for a permanent and effective treatment to fix your dull lashes, then Revitalash® is right for you. It requires less time and effort, and is more cost effective. If you are only looking for a temporary improvement, like for a special event or party, then falsies or extensions may be the better option, but if you’re tired of lackluster eyelashes and are looking for a permanent solution, come to Caddell’s and ask about Revitalash® today!

How to help dry skin in winter

Does Your Skin Suffer During the Cold Winter Months?

  • November 1, 2017

If You Experience Dry, Rough & Uncomfortable Skin in the Winter, Then There Might be Help

When you have itchy, flakey, dry and irritated skin you want fast relief! There are a few simple tricks for keeping your skin glowing and feeling healthier this winter. How you keep your skin clean, your clothes and even the air around you can also affect your skin.

1. Hot showers are a NO-NO!
That steamy hot shower sure feels good however it’s not good for your skin. Hot showers to strip your body of its natural oil barrier, which is needed to help contain moisture and keep your skin moist and smooth. Hot showers also dehydrate your skin, making it necessary to replace the moisture and oils that hot water removes.
So turn down the temperature and remember not to stay in your shower or bath too long. Baths and showers that last no longer than 10 minutes are recommended by skin care experts. Afterward, gently pat your skin dry and apply moisturizer.

2. Should you use soap or cleanser?
Products with perfumes, deodorant or antibacterial can be harsh on skin. Products with toners, peels and astringents that are made with alcohol are very drying to your skin as well. Consider using a cleanser that contains ceramides, fatty molecules that make up the outer barrier of yours skin. Ceramides hold the top layer of skin in place, kind of like glue. Some skin care products use synthetic ceramides to replace those we lose with age and these will help hold in moisture as well. By age 60, the ceramide loss is so great that the upper layer of skin is 30% thinner.

3. Moisturizers
Rich moisturizers contain shea butter, ceramides, stearic acid, glycerin and petroleum jelly and are often the best remedy for dry skin. The richness is necessary to replace the skin barrier, be sure and look for a cream with sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher to get the bonus of sun protection. Whichever product you choose the most important thing is to be consistent, a smart moisturizing routine starts with applying product on a consistent basis:
Wash with a mild soap or non-soap liquid cleanser, preferably one with ceramides to replenish skin’s outer layer.
Pat skin dry for 20 seconds or less.
Apply moisturizer to damp skin immediately after drying skin.
Apply moisturizer to your hands after you wash them.

4. When you shave
Dry skin can become irritated when you shave, because you’re also scraping off natural oils along with the hair. It’s recommended that you shave after you shower – the hairs are softer and pliable after your shower or bath making shaving easier. Always use a shaving cream or gel and shave in the direction the hair is growing. This will protect your skin more and keep more of your natural oils on the surface. A dull razor will only irritate your skin more so make sure your blade is sharp, and change your blades often.

5. The sun and wind
Dry skin, wrinkles and rough skin have a villain and that’s the sun, another villain is the wind. A broad-spectrum SPF sunscreen should be applied year round to prevent overexposure to the sun, and also help prevent wind damage to your skin. Another factor that can damage your skin is overheating and perspiring excessively and this can be reduced by dressing in layers in cooler weather. Lips are also at risk of becoming dry and chapped, to avoid this use a lip balm with SPF 15 sunscreen and in cold weather cover your lips with a scarf or hat with a mask, especially on windy days.

6. Change the air!
Heating your home removes the moisture in the air which can irritate and dry your skin. If you want to help your skin during these cold winter months, then use a humidifier in your home. If you can’t humidify the whole house then at least place one in your bedroom. Indoor humidity of around 50% will help your skin and your hair.

Following these handy tips will help you get through the cold winter months without damaging your skin because of over dryness and irritation.

How to help dry skin in winter

How to Remove Brown Patches From Your Face, Neck and Hands

  • November 28, 2016

Do You Have Brown Patches On Your Face?

According to, 93% of the people surveyed who had IPL Photofacial Laser Therapy would have the treatment again. 

Wait?! What? What’s a Photofacial Treatment? And How Can It Help the Brown Patches on MY Face?!

Photofacial is also known as photorejuvenation and is also another name for IPL therapy. This laser treatment uses intense pulsed light to treat skin with excessive redness or sun damage. It has also successfully treated:    

  •  Wrinkles
  • Stretch Marks
  • Age Spots

OK – I’m Interested - What are Photofacial Treatments?

IPL Photofacials are an ideal treatment from redness, light acne scars and rosacea to broken capillaries and hyper pigmentation. The IPL Photofacial laser treatment works by stimulating the deeper tissues of the skin with highly concentrated light. IPL Photofacials then cause the collagen and blood vessels below the skin to constrict, reducing redness and age lines. This anti-aging laser treatment is a non-ablative laser and is carefully set to search out specific pigments on your skin. With each pulse of the light, the IPL Photofacial penetrates deep below the skin surface to treat the source of the issue. The IPL Treatments usually take only about 30 minutes and most of our clients consider them painless. The sensation of a brief pinching or rubber band snapping against the skin is felt.

Blog IPL

Most benefits of the IPL Photofacial Laser treatment occur gradually in the weeks following treatment.

Am I a Candidate for IPL Photofacials?

If you have blotchy, discolored or sun-damaged skin or if your skin has large pores, freckles or wrinkles you may benefit from IPL Photofacial. Best results come from having the treatment when your skin is untanned, making this time of year in the Pacific North West a perfect time for treatments!

I Want Flawless Skin – How Many Treatments Are Required and Is There Any Other Treatment Available for Even Better Results?

Two to four treatments are usually needed for optimum results and the best results can be achieved when the Intense Pulsed Light treatments are combined with the Laser Genesis treatments! This is a ONE-TWO punch toward skin rejuvenation and tightening. If you are on a journey to flawless skin, then you need to consider IPL Photofacial Laser treatments in combination with the Laser Genesis. Contact us at Caddell’s Laser Clinic to see if you’re a candidate for this type of treatment or combination of treatments!

How Often Should I Get Facials?

  • August 20, 2016
I have a good friend in her 60’s (like me!) with luscious luminous skin who years ago received the trusted advice that, starting at the age of thirty, women should get a facial once a month. She’s been following that advice ever since and it sure seems to be working for her.

According to experts in the field and several estheticians that I consulted, getting a facial every four to six weeks is ideal.

That’s how long it takes for your skin to regenerate new skin cells which means there may not be a need to get them more often unless you have a specific concern, like severe acne. In that case, more frequent facials may help until the problem subsides.

Benefits of Facials

Receiving a good facial will serve not only to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate the skin but provides on opportunity to have your skin analyzed and learn about what home care will keep your skin looking its best. Facials that include additional treatments in combination with the facial or some other form of thorough exfoliation, like a glycolic peel, are recommended.

Your facial should have more of a dermatological focus, rather than be relaxation oriented. For the best in skin care, seek out an esthestician, like the ones at Caddell’s Laser Clinic, who will focus on the outcome, which may include some discomfort, like peels that tingle and extractions that hurt.

micro dermabrasion face

Creating a Relationship

There are several advantages to establishing a relationship with an esthetician. They will become very familiar with your skin type, issues or challenges. They will also be able to make recommendations and then follow up to see how your skin responds. It’s important to find an esthetician that you enjoy and trust to help you with your skin treatments.

Your esthetician will likely suggest products for a good home care routine.  It’s beneficial that you pay close attention to what they use and recommend as medical grade products, like the ones sold at Caddell’s, can help improve your skin quality and extend the life of your facials. 

Ask your esthetician about investing in a good at home mask for your skin type, which will provide you with that extra boost in between facials. Masks are for the face what deep conditioners are for the hair. They will turbo hydrate your skin.

Going back to the original question: how often should you get a facial? If your budget allows you to go once a month, great. If not, try to go at least four times per year at the change of each season.


Laser Hair Removal for Men

  • July 20, 2016

If you’ve never considered Laser Hair reduction – it’s time to think again.

If you’d like to avoid the tears and pain while Olga rips the wax off your back, then consider Laser Hair Removal. If you’d like to stop going to the barber between haircuts for neck hair trims, then consider Laser Hair Removal. If you’d like to avoid razor burns and ingrown hairs, then consider Laser Hair Removal!

Here are a few areas that men can benefit from with Laser Hair Removal

Beard Sculpting

Beards and Beard Sculpting

Ingrown Hairs and Razor Burn are a painful fact of life for a lot of men. Developing uncomfortable stubble within a couple of hours after shaving has many men looking for alternatives.

If you want to reduce the thickness and coarseness of your beard hair, light laser hair treatments are a great solution. Hair grows back softer, thinner and finer - reducing the need for shaving multiple times a day.

The treated areas need shaving less often which eliminates razor burn and allows the face to rest.

Laser Beard Sculpting for a Sharp, Clean Look

Whether you want a clean margin to your upper or lower beard line opting for Laser Beard Sculpting may be the right answer for you

Lots of men have their beards creeping up towards their eyes or down on their neck and would rather have these areas free of hair. With laser beard sculpting this hair can be removed, leaving a clean shaven look where you want and beard so you can still remain manly looking.

Laser Beard Sculpting can also shape the beard and give the "five o-clock shadow” that some men intentionally keep.

Laser Hair Removal on the beard area and neck reduces folliculitis, ingrown hair and barber’s rash that comes from too much unwanted hair on the face and from shaving too often. A few Laser Hair Removal treatments on the beard area can help reduce the time you spend shaving and grooming, leaving time for more important things.

When you return for more waxing treatments you have to go in after there’s enough re-growth for the wax to attach to, so you go through a “messy” period of hair growth before your next treatment.  Not with Laser Hair Removal – this treatment consists of a wave length of light which is attracted to melanin, the substance that gives skin its color.  When the Laser emits this light it passes through the skin, to the hair follicle where it is absorbed by the hair and killed. My clients usually need 6 – 10 appointments for desired results. After each Laser treatment the regrowth is finer, thinner and lighter in color.  And since the Laser goes after the hair follicle you can go in for another appointment just as the hair comes through the skin, giving a cleaner, neater appearance.

Oftentimes the only time for treatments is during lunch and with Laser Hair Removal being fast and nearly painless there’s no time required for numbing creams. And the biggest advantage of Laser Hair Removal is that hair grows back finer and more slowly than before treatment.

Back, Chest and Neck Treatments

Back Hair Removal for Men

Laser Hair Removal is the most effective way to reduce and remove unwanted back hair. No more frustration from constantly having to ask your girlfriend or wife to shave or wax your back and you don’t have to worry about taking off your shirt when you have Laser Hair Removal. Normally a full back hair removal treatment can be done in an hour so you can sneak in an appointment during a long lunch.

Chest Hair Removal for Men

No matter whether you want a smooth, hairless chest or just want to thin out some of the hair on your chest, Laser Hair Removal is the best option for you. The hair that grows back is finer and grows more slowly than before. At Caddell’s Laser Clinic we customize your treatment to give you the look you want.

Abdominal Hair Removal for Men

If you want to enhance your six pack by having a very selective V-shape to your abdomen hair which adds to the look of a toned abdominal region, then this can also be done with laser hair removal.  Treatments average 15 – 20 minutes with no down time.

Neck Hair Removal for Men

Having to stop in at the barber between haircuts for a neck hair trim is a real time consuming pain in the keister. Laser Hair Removal on neck hairs eventually eliminate this time consuming trip. In addition to saving time, it extends the life of your shirts by not wearing out the necks and keeps your appearance sharp and fresh looking.  Just one less thing to think about or add to your Saturday To-Do list.

Call Caddell’s Laser Clinic today at 425-998-0181 for your complementary consultation or complete the handy form on our Contact Us page and we will contact you to set up an appointment for you to discuss your goals with one of our Laser technicians.

When Should You See An Esthetician?

  • June 9, 2016

Skin care is always a hot topic. Everyone and their uncle, cousin and brother are experts on skin care and what works for them MUST work for you!

Then there are the magazine articles all touting, "18 Best Face Moisturizers for 2016” or "Best Dry Skin Remedies” or "Luxury Skincare Products”. If you Google Skin Care Products, there are 44 MILLION results. That’s a lot of research to comb through to figure out what products are best and what would work for your unique skin type

If you decide to shop and try different products until you find what you like and works for you, be prepared to spend a lot of time and money. In some cases – you might need to be an heiress to be able to afford some skin care products with prices as high as $1,950 for 4 vials of anti-aging products that last 26 days.

Another Way to Get the Best Products for Your Skin

Another alternative is to find an esthetician with whom you can trust and work with to have your skin evaluated on what issues you have or want to avoid and discuss it with them.  The information out there is so confusing and overwhelming that an esthetician can help quiet the "noise” and help with determining which products are best for you.

A GOOD esthetician can evaluate your skin and recommend the best products for you, which will save you time and money.

Why go to an Esthetician? 

  • To relax. A basic facial should be a calming, relaxing and pampering experience. There is nothing wrong with indulging yourself a bit to help forget about your problems for a while.
  • To Get to Know Your Skin Better.  An esthetician will look at your skin under a magnifying light and see things you can’t see in your bathroom mirror. They are used to looking at skin and can recognize skin conditions much easier than you can.
  •  Estheticians can recommend skin care products for your needs. And they can recommend products that aren’t found in stores. These esthetician grade products are stronger than store bought so while you may spend a bit more you will use a lot less!  There are a lot of quality products that can only be bought through an esthetician – your esthetician can help you plan a home care regimen that will improve how your skin looks and how healthy it is.
Washing Face 2
  •   Sticking with a routine set up for you by an esthetician can save you time and money. With a personalized skin care routine, you know what to and not to use.
  • Go to an Esthetician for a treatment you can’t do.  They can perform treatments such as Micro NeedlingFractional Co2 Treatments and Chemical Peels.  These types of treatments get more dramatic results because they are done by a professional.
  •  When you go to an esthetician once a month you can have a personalized skin regimen set up for you that includes the right products. This will make a huge difference in your skin’s upkeep and will help keep its health and beauty.

It’s time to consider an Esthetician when you notice changes to your skin. At Caddell’s Laser Clinic, free skin evaluations are available. Call 425-998-0181 to schedule yours!

Fractional Co2 Treatment

Fractional Co2 Laser Treatments for Anti-Aging

  • March 16, 2016

Do you have large pores? Acne Scars, Sun Spots or Sagging Skin?  Eliminate them now with Fractional Co2 Laser Treatments.

I want to tell you about Fractional Co2 Laser Treatments – also known as the Frac Co2 Laser. This laser uses the latest proven innovation in laser technology. The Frac Co2 laser is used to remove wrinkles, eliminate brown spots, improve melasma and has proven successful in removing stretch marks.


Many dermatological and cosmetic skin conditions can be improved with fractional laser skin resurfacing. Only Caddell’s gives you a fractional skin resurfacing system to treat all these conditions quickly and cost-effectively. 

The Fractional Co2 laser offers a superior solution for making your skin look younger and healthier and has been considered the premier skin resurfacing tool for the past decade. It is used effectively to treat fine lines and wrinkles, acne and other scars, skin pigmentation and discoloration, sun damage, pre-cancerous as well as benign lesions and uneven skin texture.

The primary advantage the Fractional Co2 laser has over chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or other photofacial lasers is that it tightens the skin naturally by stimulating increased collagen production. The results are like having a surgical face lift without going under the knife.


As you age your collagen is destroyed – collagen is the main protein of connective tissue that keeps your skin plump and line-free. Fractional Co2 laser resurfacing uses beams of light to bore tiny holes in the skin which puts the body’s natural collagen production on fast forward. Fractional Co2 laser resurfacing does this in a way that prevents damage to the top layer of skin, offering maximum results with minimal recovery time.  A unique aspect of the Fractional Co2 laser is your comfort and the ease of post-treatment care. At Caddell’s, we use a topical anesthesia, which is all that is required with this technology. There is minimal swelling with this treatment and the skin regenerates in days.

After the procedure, you will peel the upper layers of skin, revealing a fresh, new surface, there may be some residual redness but most patients can resume their normal activities soon and you will see quicker results with less downtime than with other treatments. With Fractional Co2 laser treatments you are out and about again in 3 – 5 days with a face or neck treatment and 5 – 7 days with a chest treatment. This treatment has become the treatment of choice for people looking for a cost effective, little to no downtime skin rejuvenation procedure.

SM with Caption


Because the recovery is quick the Fractional Co2 laser may be performed on almost any body area.

  • The face – eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, sagging skin, rough spots, brown spots, uneven skin tone, and sun damage with brown discolorations. Improve skin texture and firmness. Reduce the number of pores. Decrease visible freckles, lighten birth marks.
  • The neck and chest – removes sun damage on the neck and chest. Improve skin texture and firmness. Decrease visible freckles, eliminate sagging skin.
  • The body – stretch marks on buttocks, abdomen, love-handles, and thighs. Scar minimization and the lightening of birth marks. Decrease visible freckles and eliminate sun spots.


The Co2 laser results are simply remarkable, especially for deep wrinkles around the mouth and eyes. This treatment gives you a new, soft complexion. The treatment results continue to improve as your skin builds a new collagen layer over a period of one year. 

Now that you know the advantages of the Fractional Co2 Laser I hope you understand why we’re so excited to offer this procedure to you! REMEMBER The effectiveness and safety of this procedure is dependent on the skill and experience of the specialist who performs the treatment. The Fractional Co2 laser treatment is a highly specialized procedure which requires specific training and experience with lasers. I have been trained in Lasers and have been performing laser treatments for 16 years.

Contact Caddell’s at 425-998-0181 for a free consultation to discuss how Fractional Co2 laser treatments can help you eliminate problem areas of your skin.

Are Your Ready For Laser Hair Removal? Things To Consider

  • February 15, 2016

Are You Confused About Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

You receive all the Groupon and other discount offers, is there really a difference in lasers and treatments? YES! There is a difference! 

Don’t take the chance of getting ineffective treatments by untrained technicians and inferior lasers.  Not All Lasers are Created Equal and the ones at Caddell’s are superior to the chains and low cost clinics.

What do better lasers and trained technicians mean to you?  Lower costs for your treatments in the long run, because coming to Caddell’s Laser Clinic for Laser Hair Removal means fewer treatments.

Higher Quality Treatments = Fewer, More Successful Treatments!

  •  Better Lasers - we use true lasers that deliver a pure laser beam directed at the area to be treated.  Many other clinics use cheaper, less effective lasers that include additional radio waves light beams to the laser beam, making their treatment less effective.  This means you’ll need more treatments, which means higher costs, some clients who have had four – eight treatments elsewhere get the same results with one treatment from Caddell’s!
  •   Better Technicians – all of my technicians have been to Rocky Mountain Laser College and after that they spend approximately three months apprenticing with me before they are allowed to work on their own.  All of my technicians have between four and 11 years experience.

Fewer Treatments = More Affordable Results!

When you have Laser Hair Removal, the hair should fall out in seven – 10 days.  If it doesn’t, then the laser isn’t working or the technician isn’t using the laser properly.  Your hair will grow back in a month or so, but will be softer and finer.  Total hair removal is a process, it doesn’t happen with one treatment – some hairs die in three treatments, some take 15.  Your body can produce new hair due to hormonal changes and also stress, we cannot prevent your body from producing new hair.   The laser will kill the hair it sees today, if you treat new hair as soon as you see it, it will die very quickly.

My technicians have two true lasers to use; one for fair skin and one for olive to very dark skin; and by knowing which laser to use on your skin you receive the best treatment possible.  There is no need to fear hyperpigmentation from using the wrong laser for your skin type. At Caddell’s we can treat every skin type and give better results than the other clinics.

Quality Lasers = Better Results!
At Caddell’s, we truly care about our clients.  We are here to serve you and to address your concerns; we want you to have success!  Schedule a free consultation and see for yourself!

Photo facial/IPL Treatment

IPL Photo Facial

  • January 30, 2016

Now that we’re in the middle of winter -  are you noticing sun damage or broken capillaries more than ever? Does your skin lack firmness that you’d like to correct?

It may be time to add IPL treatments short for intense pulsed light, to your skin and beauty regimen. IPL treatments are often confused with Laser treatments and they definitely are not the same thing.  

An IPL anti aging treatment helps restore your skin’s youthful appearance and is great for people with active lifestyles because there isn’t any downtime. You can resume your daily activities after treatments or head back to the office after lunch.

What is IPL?

IPL is a gentle, non-ablative treatment consisting of broad spectrum light used to treat the face, neck, chest and hands – anywhere you notice sun damage.

IPL treatments use short blasts of high-intensity light that penetrate just below the skin’s surface and damage the melanin and the blood vessels that make "age spots” and broken blood vessels. As the skin repairs the damage it leaves a more youthful, even skin tone and repairing fine lines.

A series of 3 – 4 treatments, one month apart is required for best results. This is because IPL doesn’t damage the skin surface, unlike dermabrasion and laser resurfacing.  IPL is a great combination treatment for removing broken capillaries and sun damage while firming the skin.

IPL Treatment Satisfaction

The IPL patients at Caddell’s Laser Clinic report satisfaction with the treatment for the following reasons:

  • Dramatic results in a very short period of time.
  • IPL treatments are non-invasive and gentle with little or no downtime. Treatments can be done during lunch with just slight redness showing or an hour or so. Makeup can be applied immediately after treatment.
  • One treatment can reduce/remove broken blood vessels and age spots caused by sun damage and report their skin is more even, luminous and younger looking.
  • It is very effective on the face, neck, décolleté (chest) and hands

Most patients report that treatments don’t hurt although some report them a bit painful. Most report that the first treatment hurts the most and each treatment after that is more comfortable.  

If you are considering a treatment that will improve the quality of your skin, then you should consider IPL. These treatments are most effective when your skin isn’t tan so now is the perfect time to start your series of treatments

8 Proven Ways to Look Younger

  • December 8, 2015

Let’s face it – we all want to look younger – even those of us who say, "I don’t care about aging” look in the mirror carefully to look for signs of aging and skin damage. We may not "care” but we sure don’t want to look older than we are!

Washing Face

Here are 8 proven ways to look younger and more natural at the same time.

1.  The use of Retinoids, Alpha-hydroxy Acids, Salicylic Acid & Azelaic Acid have been scientifically proven to treat signs of aging and to make the skin look younger.  These ingredients can be found in the skin care products at Caddell's. It is recommended that you purchase skin care products from a medical setting as the ingredients are stronger and more effective. Epionce Skin Care Products contain most of these important ingredients to help with anti-aging. Contact your favorite Caddell’s esthetician for more information on these ingredients and which is right for you!

2.    Beauty comes from within and one of the best ways to keep skin plumper, hydrated and younger looking is essential fatty acids like omega-3s and omega-6s, they are the building blocks of healthy cell membranes and, consequently, healthy skin. Most diets contain Omega 6s, however for healthier skin look for foods that are high in Omega 3s such as salmon, mackerel, flax, safflower oil, walnuts, sardines, soy and eggs.

3.  Keep your beauty and youthfulness and quit smoking which is a leading cause of aging. (And help the environment at the same time!) 

4.  Another problem area that can make you look old is your neck. Laser rejuvenation procedures, such as CO2 laser skin resurfacing, YAG lasers and IPL can rejuvenate and tighten the skin. There are several nonsurgical treatments, used alone or in combo with other treatments that can help tighten a sagging neck or jowl. Products that contain niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and hexamidine can be helpful with milder signs of aging. Epionce Intense Defense Serum contains these ingredients.

5.  Products with Retinoids – derivatives of Vitamin A are common treatments for wrinkles and can help with a wide variety of issues. They work by increasing skin turnover and increasing collagen, making your skin firmer and plumper.

6.  Brown spots, AKA age spots and liver spots are best treated with products that contain hydroquinone, which is a topical bleaching agent. Other effective treatments for brown spots is chemical peels LINK and laser treatments.

7.  Gray & white hair is the tell-all for aging. When you are choosing a color treatment for gray hair choose a hair color that is as close to your natural hair color as you can get.

8.  If your nails are more fragile now that you’re a bit older then biotin supplements can help both your nails and thinning hair. Biotin is a B Vitamin and a coenzyme and is also known as Vitamin H. It has been used to help with brittle nails and hair loss.