Best skin products for anti-aging

  • July 10, 2013

Today I wanted to write about some fabulous products I love! If you’re serious about skin care and keeping your skin looking youthful and fresh then you should try the sunscreen from Epionce, sold online and here at Caddell’s Laser Clinic.


Anti-inflammatory Properties

The active botanical ingredients help the Epionce sunscreen work overtime. Not only does it protect against future skin aging and damage, it also helps prevent the development of skin aging, premalignant tumors and skin cancer.

A lot of my clients will ask, “What’s the best anti-wrinkle cream?” and I now answer with, “The best anti-wrinkle cream is sunscreen!”

Of course, the best time to wear this is when you’re a child.  Everything, or nearly so, you see on your face, the fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and spots, is a result from unprotected sun exposure.  Epionce makes fantastic sunscreen formulas and offer two to suit your protection needs. There’s the Active Shield Lotion SPF 30+ and the Ultra Shield Lotion SPF 50, these sunscreens are made with UV-reflective zinc oxide, plus homosalate and octisalate, organic compounds used in some sunscreens to provide an additional level of defense.  You’ll need the SPF 30 when you’re inside more than out and SPF 50 if you’re lucky enough to spend most of your daylight hours outside.

Another reason Epionce sunscreens are different is they are great for people with sensitive skin. With over 30% of Americans claiming to have sensitive skin it’s important for them to use a sunscreen with ingredients that do not cause irritation to their skin. Epionce sunscreens were formulated for the sensitive skin types.

What if you have oily skin? If that’s the case, and you’re worried about creating an oil slick on your face then you can skip your Renewal facial product in the daytime and use the sunscreen alone. You can also use the Balancing Toner to boost the moisture content before applying sunscreen.


In June, 2012 new rules went into effect for the labeling of any product claiming sun protection of SPF 15 and above.

What Changed?

Since UVA rays are the main cause of skin cancer and visible skin aging and UVB rays are the rays that burn the skin it is important that both are blocked. If a product provides both UVA protection at 370 nonometers or more, then it can claim “Broad-spectrum”. Otherwise, no UVA protection can be claimed.  If a product proves it is “Broad-spectrum”, then it must be clearly labeled as such on the front of the packaging along with the SPF.

Water-proof is gone, now there are two categories: “water-resistant” and “very water-resistant”. If a sunscreen retains the labeled SPF value after 40 minutes of water immersion, then it is labeled “water-resistant”. If it retains the SPF value after 80 minutes of water immersion a company can then claim “very water-resistant”.

Stop in our office and pick up your sunscreen today or log on to the Epionce website and use the Caddell’s code – 20110906 and you’ll receive special offers and discounts from Epionce! Be sure you’re buying new, unused and unexpired product that can be sold elsewhere online – you’re safe buying from Caddell’s.

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