Are Your Ready For Laser Hair Removal? Things To Consider

  • February 15, 2016

Are You Confused About Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

You receive all the Groupon and other discount offers, is there really a difference in lasers and treatments? YES! There is a difference! 

Don’t take the chance of getting ineffective treatments by untrained technicians and inferior lasers.  Not All Lasers are Created Equal and the ones at Caddell’s are superior to the chains and low cost clinics.

What do better lasers and trained technicians mean to you?  Lower costs for your treatments in the long run, because coming to Caddell’s Laser Clinic for Laser Hair Removal means fewer treatments.

Higher Quality Treatments = Fewer, More Successful Treatments!

  •  Better Lasers - we use true lasers that deliver a pure laser beam directed at the area to be treated.  Many other clinics use cheaper, less effective lasers that include additional radio waves light beams to the laser beam, making their treatment less effective.  This means you’ll need more treatments, which means higher costs, some clients who have had four – eight treatments elsewhere get the same results with one treatment from Caddell’s!
  •   Better Technicians – all of my technicians have been to Rocky Mountain Laser College and after that they spend approximately three months apprenticing with me before they are allowed to work on their own.  All of my technicians have between four and 11 years experience.

Fewer Treatments = More Affordable Results!

When you have Laser Hair Removal, the hair should fall out in seven – 10 days.  If it doesn’t, then the laser isn’t working or the technician isn’t using the laser properly.  Your hair will grow back in a month or so, but will be softer and finer.  Total hair removal is a process, it doesn’t happen with one treatment – some hairs die in three treatments, some take 15.  Your body can produce new hair due to hormonal changes and also stress, we cannot prevent your body from producing new hair.   The laser will kill the hair it sees today, if you treat new hair as soon as you see it, it will die very quickly.

My technicians have two true lasers to use; one for fair skin and one for olive to very dark skin; and by knowing which laser to use on your skin you receive the best treatment possible.  There is no need to fear hyperpigmentation from using the wrong laser for your skin type. At Caddell’s we can treat every skin type and give better results than the other clinics.

Quality Lasers = Better Results!
At Caddell’s, we truly care about our clients.  We are here to serve you and to address your concerns; we want you to have success!  Schedule a free consultation and see for yourself!

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