All Lasers are Not Created Equal

  • August 9, 2013

*Re-posted due to popular demand!*

My passion for removing hair came from being very hairy as a teen.  I can relate to feelings of embarrassment and wondering if others had noticed my hair.  This led me to a 30 year career of helping women with unwanted hair. I have been an Electrologist since 1982 and laser specialist since 2000.  I am not “in it for the money” and I will not take advantage of clients who are desperate and searching for answers.

Lasers are attracted to melanin, which is the pigment in skin and hair.  When the laser is fired, it emits a bright light that basically vaporizes the hair. Thicker, darker hairs take fewer treatments than soft brown hairs because of the greater melanin content. So, a bikini line will take fewer treatments than an upper lip. The laser does not work on blonde, gray, or red hairs. Those hairs need to be treated with electrolysis.

It is impossible to predict how many treatments it will take to kill the hair.  There are many variables involved.  The follicle is lined with microscopic stem cells that create the hairs.  One cell can produce a hair, even though it may take one year.  Some hairs die in 3 treatments.  Other hairs take 15 treatments.  Hormones will affect the chin and many ladies will continue to produce hair for many years.  We can kill the hair that is present at the time of treatment, but we cannot keep the body from producing new hairs in the future.  Hairs should get softer after 1-3 treatments. This shows you that the hair is in the process of dying.  But it takes many treatments for the area to be completely clear of hair.

There are many lasers to choose from and they can be confusing to the general public because they vary in how they work. The lasers I use are considered monochromatic, which means they are attracted to one thing; melanin.  This is very important in order to destroy hair without damaging the skin.  I have a laser for fair skin and a different laser for skin of color.  There is no reason to fear getting burned if you have dark skin.

Training is extremely important when choosing a laser technician. All of the specialists at Caddell’s Laser & Electrolysis Clinic have taken a 40 hour course at Rocky Mountain Laser College in Denver, CO. They are certified by the department of higher education in Colorado.  After the initial training, they do a 3 month apprenticeship with me. My staff and I attend laser workshops regularly in order to keep up on the latest technology.

Also offered at Caddell’s Laser & Electrolysis Clinic, Inc. is Laser Tattoo Removal and Facial Rejuvenation.  We have been removing tattoos for 11years.  We have two facets of clients.  Some want total removal and others enjoy tattoos, but want something different over an existing tattoo.  I have 2 lasers for tattoo removal and am able to remove all colors.  I have had a booth at the Seattle Tattoo Expo for 10 years and am honored to have been chosen as the only booth removing tattoos.

Caddell’s Laser Clinic has a high standard of performance. We are committed to excellence and care about the success of our clients.  My staff consists of 2 MD’s and 6 Estheticians.

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