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Offering the Finest Laser & Anti Aging Treatments in the Pacific NW Since 1982

The Finest Laser & Anti Aging Treatments in the Pacific NW

Experts in Hair Removal Since 1982.

Does it really matter who does your Laser or Esthetic treatments? The answer is YES! Technique matters. Experience matters. The ability to anticipate and prevent complications before they occur matters. Safety matters. Quality control matters. In short, the better trained and more experienced a Master Esthetician is, the better for you!

That's why Caddell's Laser & Electrolysis Clinic is the leading name in laser treatments and anti-aging treatments in the Bellevue, Seattle, and surrounding areas.  

Locally owned and operated, Caddell's has been in business since 1982, and has thousands of satisfied clients.

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I'm happier than I've been in years partly because of you and your hair removal expertise. My transition is finally going smoothly and I truly feel I will be able to reach my goals sometime soon. Other trans women should know that the hair removal is possible and things aren't as hopeless as they might seem.

- Anonymous

I just had my 3rd Microneedling treatment & love the results, they are amazing!  My skin is smoother and younger looking than before. I actually look forward to the treatments. There isn't much down time either - my face is a bit red the rest of the day and the next day the redness is gone and my skin looks great.

- MM

After my Femtouch treatments, I definitely had improvements in both bladder control (no more leaking when I coughed too hard). Also, much improvement of vaginal dryness. I had a series of three treatments. There was no pain! Results have held for 1+ yrs!

- Anonymous